1) Choose your preferred color from our 3 exclusive offerings :

  • Classic Light Beige
  • Classic Tanned Brown
  • Classic Crystal Black

2) Choose from the following two sizes that matches the size of your areola:

  • Standard (6.4cm / 2.5in in diameter)
  • Extended (7.3cm / 2.9in in diameter)

3) Choose package quantity from the following options :

  • 7-day Supply / 14 Pieces (7 Pairs)
  • 14-day Supply / 28 Pieces (14 Paris)


Tailored for You
Each package consists of 14 pieces (7-Day) / 24 pieces (14-Day) of premium disposable breast petals. Choose from 3 available colors (Beige / Brown / Black) and 2 customized sizes (6.4cm / 7.4cm) which fit most common areola dimensions.

Obsessed with Perfection
Designed to be wafer-thin and elegantly shaped to conceal your nipples perfectly underneath any garment. Goes well with tight and fitted shirts, formal dresses, evening gowns, tube tops, swimwear, no-padding bras, and more.

100% Premium Material
Made with lightweight, breathable non-woven polyester fabric that boasts a perfect balance between durability and comfort. Engineered to be highly liquid repellent with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Hypoallergenic Adhesive
Fitted with high-quality natural adhesive that is skin and fabric friendly with a soft center cutout to prevent irritation to the nipples for prolonged use

Sweat & Water Resistant
Designed for strong, grippy, but non-sticky skin adhesion. Stick on and peel off without any leftover residue or loss in adhesion. Extensively tested to withstand IP67 water resistant rating