Push Up Silicone Bra with Front Drawstring, Light Skin Tone

Pick the perfect shade of nude from our 3 exclusive offerings that match your unique skin tone:
  • Shade of Nude N01 / Light Skin Tone
  • Shade of Nude N02 Medium / Medium Skin Tone
  • Shade of Nude N03 Dark / Dark Skin Tone

Find the perfect fit according to your bra size:

  • Small: 32A (70B), 32B (70C), 34A (75B), 36A (80B)
  • Medium: 32C (70D), 34B (75C), 36B (80C), 38A (85B)
  • Large: 32D (70DD), 34C (75D), 36C (80D), 38B (85C)
  • X-Large: 34D (75DD), 36D (80DD), 38C (85D), 38D (85DD)
  • XX-Large: 34DD (75E), 38D (85D)
  • XXX-Large: 36DD (80E), 38DD (85E)

Package Contents:

  • 1 Fantasy Silicone Bra
  • 1 Clear Storage Case
  • 4 Extra Protective Liners to Prolong Adhesive Life

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